Our History

At Cartesiano, we have a deep sense of place. Our history, is a compendium of ages gone by, embodied by the many layers of rich cultural heritage – the hallmark of which, is transformation.

Our property is comprised of the synthesis of three “villas” starting from the 16th century to the 20th, including renovations completed in 2021. The existing boutique property includes integrated Wellness spaces throughout, with 60 sleeping rooms. Protected as a National landmark, the property is included as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, imbued with an architectural eclecticism, where Spanish Colonial gardens live in peaceful harmony with a 20th century contemporary art collection, displayed throughout.

Having undergone various period transformations, so it is all too fitting that it has, in the current era, been lovingly renovated by its owner-operators from an award-winning hospitality offering to an innovative Health and Wellness Center designed for the Mindful and purposeful Wellness seeker.

Our Approach

A seamlessly designed guest experience that, delivers an advanced scientific approach together with proven complementary and alternative practices, into a 7 pillars journey that includes:

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Conscious Nutrition





Why Choose Us

Integrative Wellness expertise

Innovative Wellness Treatment Technology

17th Century oasis in the center of a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Customized Guest Pre-arrival Intake designed by international wellness thought leaders

Our Programs

Each program is designed considering your chronotype and it is based upon a unique journey supported by our 7 pillars working in an integrated fashion

Circadian Health and Rebalance

Understand and align with your natural biological rhythms.
Improve your sleep quality. Learn what and when you eat makes all the difference on how you look and feel.
Reduce your risk of chronic disease.

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Pathways to Mental Wellness

Learn about resilience and self-care. Get into a resourceful state. Train to be fully present and inspired. Get in touch with your potential

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Detox and Regenerate

Rebuild your body from the inside out
Get rid of toxins while hyper-nourishing your body, mind and spirit
Refresh and reboot your mind
Look and feel your best self and learn a comprehensive approach to promote healthy aging and thriving.

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Our Bespoke Experience

A bespoke program created for those who have previously experienced the world of wellness, our à la carte program allows you to map out your own route to achieve the health and well-being goals that you deserve.

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Your Stay

Our Property

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