Content curated by Chef Esmeralda Brinn

Passionate for the knowledge of food in different cultures, Chef Esmeralda Brinn has always been inspired by a deeply held belief that people connect through something as basic sitting around the fire cooking, cooking food and telling stories. As a somatic therapist, she integrates healing, education, and connection in her culinary art.

She was born in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, from a German father and a Mexican mother. A large part of her life was influenced by growing up with a love of Nature – something her father nurtured and the milling around in her mother’s restaurant, during her childhood. A love of travel and research, around not just culinary traditions around the world, but by different cultural philosophies of how people around the world have fostered the art of cooking and nurturing themselves, further inspired her culinary journey. These experiences took her eventually to explore the relationship that we have to the land, the way we harvest our food source, and how we feel – and eventually are connected to these sources – and how they impact our wellness.

Today, Chef Brinn is known in Mexico for having developed her own unique style which, combines an intricate knowledge of localized Regenerative Farming supply chain, organic food sources, and deliciously orchestrated palettes of endemic and local ingredients – culminating in a truly authentic farm-to-table experience delectable dining vignettes that is not just nourishing, and healing but good for the soul!

Her culinary work is a cornucopia of an expansive seasonal menu that always includes functional and probiotic drinks, immune enhancing shots and freshly baked goods daily made from signature house fermented doughs – a tribute to the art of bread baking that is so much part of her German heritage.

She also applies her knowledge as a sommelier in her creations that are a delicious and always a fusion of wonder and enjoyment – and homage to both her parents’ national kitchens. Her Conscious Cooking is not just a delight to the senses but a true adventure as she invites guests to join her on expeditions to her local farms – and even experience treks into the wildflower-filled meadows, in-season to visit where unique varieties of honey is made – or the deserts where the same bees, at different times of the year, make a very particular variety originating from the Mesquite trees.

She invites people to value and” become consciousness” on the collective art of creating transformative sensory dining experiences, and to connect to the understanding that our biology is programmed to be part of our earth’s ecosystem, and not apart from it. By experiencing first-hand the vast bounty that we, as humans have access to, we begin to learn to live in harmony and that by living in harmony we create the basis to have food be our best medicine  – and ultimately realize where there is life, there is food.

“I know now that music is not about fingers or bows or strings, but rather a connective vibration flowing through all human beings, like a heartbeat.”

Rosamund Stone Zander