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Quartz Bed

Experience a unique and luxurious Touch Therapy
This unique treatment in warm quartz sand takes you to experience the millennial tradition of being immersed in “sun-drenched” sand. Since the times of the ancient Egyptians wellness practices had people taking “baths” in the hot desert sand to relax and for their well-being.

Psammo Therapy – A tradition that dates back thousands of years
Psammotherapy (Hot Sand Therapy) was initially used in Ancient Egypt for medical treatment to treat a number of ailments ranging from scoliosis to inflammatory diseases. Today, thermal therapy is used in wellness to provide mental, physical relaxation, and anti-inflammatory treatment that will rebalance the body. The Gharieni Group created a quartz sand bed to elevate the experience and provide supreme comfort to guests enjoying the multiple benefits of sand therapy, with its known health benefits.

MLX iDome

Experience a unique single Sauna Therapy in a safe and hygienic environment – Charge your batteries and detox
While the Gharieni FIR-technology stimulates the metabolism and the perspiration of the body with long-wave infrared rays through the MLX iDome, – a personal sauna experience with detoxifying benefits of nature’s most important rays!

Touchless Technology – with refined experience

The Gharieni MLX i³Dome concept works as a stand-alone therapy, where no therapist hands-on is needed. After the client is positioned on the MLX iDome, he/she can enjoy the Gharieni MLX i³Dome detox therapy in the privacy and safety of the individual dome.


Experience Vibration Therapy with Binaural Acoustic to Relax and Reboot
The Gharieni Welnamis System – The Binaural Acoustic & Dynamic Stimulation is a computer-controlled acoustic and vibrational therapy that trains the brain to relax and benefit from deep relaxation techniques. Using specific vibrations and binaural audio frequencies, the Welnamis System makes it possible for even the busiest minds to achieve deep levels of relaxation with the optimal 30-minute therapy session sessions. Similar to meditation, specific sounds slow down mental activity and vibrational frequencies act specifically on the energy centers of the body.
The foundational therapy is the Quantum Harmonic audio therapy. It delivers symptom-reducing and resilience-building multilayered programs through stereo headphones. The Welnamis system can be combined with other treatments, be self-guided, thereby not needing the presence of a therapist.


Experience State-of-the-art Rejuvination
This completely unique slimming machine relies on the patented “Total Slimming System” (T.S.S.) technology, a non-invasive aspiration/percussion process that simultaneously treats thighs and hips as well as buttocks or abdominals (depending on the client’s position).
Gharieni CELLISS is a powerful tool designed for optimal skin rejuvenation. Via the intuitive touch screen interface, the treatment program can be personalized. Protocols can be accessed with one quick touch, and once the treatment is launched, it does not require any intervention. The integrated protocols were developed by health/ beauty/sport professionals and allow operators to adjust the Cellumassage according to the selected treatments and the client’s profile. Easy to use, this high technology device is remarkably efficient.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


Nikola Tesla