Wellness with Intention

Each program we offer is designed to meet Your needs. It is Your journey.
Each journey includes carefully selected key elements.

Discover Our Programs


Rhythm guides all biological processes and promotes balance. Restore harmony through your circadian plan.

Main benefits:

  • / Improve cardiovascular activity
  • / Enhance your immunity
  • / Optimize your metabolic performance
  • / Restore your innate relationship with nature


Sound vibrations harmonize the body’s natural rhythms to create frequencies that restore the body’s natural predispositions to well-being.

Main benefits:

  • / Improve muscle strength activity
  • / Enhance athletic performance
  • / Boost capacity for weight loss
  • / Increase state of awareness

Conscious Nutrition

We offer curated sensory experiences with iconic ingredients from local producers, featuring nutrient-rich superfoods and natural probiotics.

Main benefits:

  • / Optimized metabolism
  • / Improved mental clarity and awareness (natural anti-depressants)
  • / Boosted immune system
  • / Reframed understanding of nourishing the body and soul


We offer personalized treatments to provide immune system optimization, aimed at reducing inflammation.

Main benefits:

  • / Activate your capacity to rejuvenate 
  • / Stimulate your body’s own regenerative abilities
  • / Reverse inflamm-aging
  • / Reset mind, body and soul


Restore access to the innate natural states of consciousness through somatic movement.

Main benefits:

  • / Increase brain plasticity and cardiovascular health
  • / Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • / Detox through better oxygenation
  • / Explore the wisdom of embodiment


Immerse your Self in the culture, art and rich history to find your sense of place. Alone but Together

Main benefits:

  • / Explore external horizons to allow The Self to travel internally


A response to our innate human
biological tendency to seek connection with nature and other forms of life

Main benefits:

  • / Restores the immune system
  • / Boosts mental wellbeing
  • / Offers stress-relief
  • / Connect to something greater