BeSpoke Experience

For those who want to co-create their own experience, guided by their individual desired outcomes.

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This program is meant to be a-la-carte providing a new way to engage the world and to find orientation in it.

People who have experience in managing self-care and who are used to living wellness practices but want to take it to higher level.

/ Obtain personalized feedback from initial evaluation practices to carefully co-create the best program for you now.
/ Our Wellness coaches will help you with your choices.
/ Create a “Life Map” of your own self-directed path.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”


Joseph Campbell

Regenerative Living

For those seeking balance while improving functional fitness and stress-management.

Rest, re-organize, and repair.

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This program offers an integral approach to healthy aging and combat “Inflammaging”
Provide “upgrades” to your routine and a welcomed counter-balance to the stress and urban lifestyle.

/ Encourage your lifestyle choices that support Joyful Living and Slow Aging.

Understand the impact of environmental toxins and promote elimination and relief from urban pollution.
Engage in treatments that provide detoxification and cellular regeneration.

/ Activate the process of elimination of toxins while creating cellular renewal.
/ Support the Immune system and the body’s natural defenses.
/ Rebuild your body from inside out and refresh your mind.

Understanding our relationship to eating cultivates a lot of insights and help us start living our highest potential.”


Natasa Pantovic Nuit

Life Transformation

For those seeking the Inner Journey and the Purpose-led Life

Experience a joyful journey of why Rhythm in life is everything.

This program will be available in the summer of 2021

Seeking PURPOSE is one of the greatest “bio-hacks” of our post modern life.
Chasing Happiness creates dead-ends, while the purpose-led life.
Supports meaning-making that leads to true happiness.

Personal Development and life transformation guidance is the hallmark of the new frontier for Wellness – Mental Wellness!

Everyone has the capacity to create a resourceful state.
Enjoy experiences through movement, nutrition and stress management to unleash your power within.

/ Personal Development and Wellness Coaching.
/ Work with  Your assigned Host and Our Wellness Coaches to access your true potential.
/ Learn how to integrate your experience into your everyday life.

“If you are falling....dive.”


Joseph Campbell

Circadian Health

We believe in Well-Being as a Whole. The wellness is the destination.

We provide you with the keys to unlock the door to get there.

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The fundamental principals of “Rhythmic living” within the context of Chronobiology.
Your body has 37.2 trillion cells and they all have “clocks” that set the timing of their operations and talk to each other.
Understanding the language they use is the key to understanding your own daily rhythm.

Achieving the highest level of communications between them creates the condition to reaching your ultimate health and wellness.

Experience what it means to be in sync with your natural Rhythm

Healthy Sleep Hygiene for optimal health
/ Body, Mind and Soul

Conscious Nutrition and Dining Experiences to include supplementation to boost your immune system

Physical Exercise to improve cardio vascular health and brain functioning and create awareness of your body

Sexual Health to improve your quality of life and connections

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”


R. Richard Buckminster Fuller