Discover Puebla

Discover Puebla

Puebla was created to be the first perfect city

Founded by the Spanish in 1531, Puebla, Mexico was created to be the first “perfect” colonial city in the Americas. Today with its rich tradition, Poblano cuisine, arts and crafts it is quite simply, perfect.

Puebla is the ideal starting point for a journey into Mexico: a rich colonial heritage, art, shopping and entertainment just steps away.

Puebla City

Puebla is the place that for centuries has been that point on the map where the roads intersect. It is the meeting place between seas, goods, time and worlds. Its geographic location allows visitors to encounter a City surrounded by four Volcanoes that provide beautiful sceneries. With Cartesiano, you will find the elegant poblano hospitality and a world-class service. We are looking forward to being your host.

Prime Location

With quick and easy access Cartesiano presents a magnificent historic allure to the city center. During weekends the markets enliven the center that have brought a reach tradition and beautiful legacy that has endured over the years. From Cartesiano, walk or travel by car as the highlights of the city lie as near as shown below:

  • / Cathedral of Puebla and Zocalo – 500 meters.
  • / Amparo Museum – 500 meters.
  • / Convention Center – 500 meters.
  • / “El Parián” Souvenir Market – 300 meters.
  • / Palafoxiana Library – 500 meters.
  • / Chapel of the Rosary – 750 meters.
  • / Puebla Exhibitor Center – 2.4 km.
  • / International Baroque Museum – 9 km.
  • / Puebla International Airport – 22 km.


Cartesiano with its beautiful vistas, offers its Guests the context of the perfect place, starting with the predominance of the domes that contrast with the Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl Volcanoes creating a perfect panoramic photograph.

Puebla impresses with its Churches and Temples; Cholula with the largest surface Pyramid in the World or Atlixco with its unbeatable weather are some of the countless sites that we highly recommend visiting during your stay; for which Cartesiano offers you a menu of experiences that fit your preferences in a whole new way!


Puebla is considered a cultural hub due to its pre-Hispanic and viceregal backgrounds. The Palafoxiana Library is a clear example of the mix of art, history, and culture, having an ancient literary heritage recognized by UNESCO. Baroque facades and temples of Churrigueresco style, play with celestial harmony typical of the place where its fusion serves as the protagonist of that solid millenary influence.


Walking through its numerous streets, visiting its museums and enjoying its cuisine is an essential part of a Day in Puebla. The International Baroque Museum, Masterpiece by the renowned Japanese Architect Toyo Ito is a key point on the map that we strongly suggest visiting.

Among other touristic highlights we recommend: The Talavera factories, markets, the cable car, the Bubas Bridge, the Tunnels and The Africam Safari Zoo to enjoy with the family.

Our Property

Facilities and Amenities

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Cartesiano synthesizes modernity with tradition. It is a perfect balance of old and modern with a singular elegance that transports you to another time and keeps us captivated by its enduring beauty. Enjoy contemporary luxury with beautiful colonial references and unparalleled spaces within which you can enjoy botanical gardens designed by Pedro Pablo; or sculptures like Paloma Torres’ “Building in the rain”. “Casa dos patios” and “Casa Los Arcos” are two buildings dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries respectively, where vestiges of a nun’s residence or a Tile factory await to tell you their story through its walls, fountains and elegant rooms.


Our Terrace has a privileged view of the churches and historic neighborhoods of Puebla. A perfect photograph is an ideal excuse to enjoy your Food and Beverages served by our welcoming staff who is looking forward to your visit.
Enjoy the sunset, or dusk with a view of another side of the City.


Cartesiano is located in a modern building with rooms, and in two beautiful colonial mansions that have been lovingly restored. The rooms at “Casa Los Arcos”, a beautiful 17th-century colonial mansion, face a traditional and colonial courtyard. In contrast, to access the rooms of “Casa Dos Patios” (16th century), it is Guests have to cross a beautiful Library, a unique space for reflection and coexistence as Felix Blanco describes. This Mansion was once an important tile factory, and the Catalogs still showing its beauty on the walls.

Our Modern building dominates the inner and largest courtyard of Cartesiano, it also offers the Perfect photograph of the old Barrio de Analco that contrasts with the unmistakable Piece of the Artist Sebastián “Ángel Custodio”.


Cartesiano Spa invites you to delve inside, to find your personal compass for the creation of your own life map to wellness. The inspiring spa environment will remind you at every turn to stay present in the moment, activating the inherent healing program and the awakening of your inner wisdom. The Spa experience flows from an intention to your ideal reality. The attention, exquisite design and transformative services in the Spa, create the context for mental and sensory connection, to blend logic and intuition, and to manifest holistic and integral well-being.

Fitness Center

Experience the state-of-the-art equipment by Technogym® Sports Equipment.
This area has a privileged view from Paseo de San Francisco starting from the Angel Custodio Sculpture of the renowned artist Sebastian and finishing with the Barrio de Analco and the impotent facade of its Temple.

The Fitness Center is located at the bottom of our pool area and next to the Cartesiano SPA.


Our terrace has a privileged view of the churches and historic districts of the city, our pool has a type of mosaic “Kaleidoscope” where guests can enjoy a magnificent afternoon, without a doubt it is the ideal place to cool off and enjoy a light meal or a cocktail created by our mixologist