Learn about your mental wellness

resilience and self-care.

Explore the many pathway we have

available to achieve a resourceful state.

Train to be fully present

and inspired.

Get in touch with your potential

and something higher than yourself.

Recommended for those who are:

Seeking the inner Journey and Purpose-Led Life

Sensing that something needs to change but are not sure what and how

Curious about Personal Development

Seeking to invite more fulfilling and loving relationships – partners, family, friends, work and spiritual practice

What is included

  • Standard (KING or DOUBLE) accommodation for the length of your retreat
  • Integrative Health Consultation
  • Life Coach Facilitator
  • Chronotype evaluation
  • Integrative Nutritionist Orientation
  • Wellness Facilitator Guidance
  • Balance valuation
  • 3 Daily meals and snacks
  • Classes of Conscious cooking
  • Mexican Herbal Bar (Immune enhancers, fermenter & Functional drinks)
  • Gharieni Treatment Experiences
  • Group Process Experiences
  • Wellness Experiences
  • Personalized Breathing sessions
  • Personalized Breathing sessions
  • Biophilia & Cultural Immersive Experiences
  • Personal Assessment with your breathing Coach
  • Breathing Practice session
  • Facial Treatment
  • Body Treatment

A day at Cartesiano



  • Turmeric Immune Enhancer Shot
  • Meet your Life Coach Facilitator / Morning Yoga in the Pool Deck Light Breakfast | Conscious Nutrition
  • Group Integral Life Practice Session
  • Somatic Session
  • 360 Life Breathing Practice


  • Lunch | Conscious Nutrition (Probiotic farm-to-table Seasonal experience) Somatic Practice
  • Reflection Time
  • Individual Integral Life Practice Session
  • Psammo Therapy Treatment | Gharieni Quartz
  • Visit to a Regenerative Farm
  • Dinner | Conscious Nutrition Probiotic farm-to-table Seasonal experience)


  • Dinner | Conscious Nutrition Probiotic farm-to-table Seasonal experience)
  • Meditation or Gong Bath or Star Gazing
  • Sleep Hygiene Rituals

This schedule is simply a guideline. The order and duration of each treatment or service may vary depending on availability, the type of health program selected and/or the needs of each guest.

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Choose your Retreat

Each program is designed considering your chronotype and it is based upon a unique journey supported by our 7 pillars working in an integrated fashion

4 days: Starter

Mini experiences to get you aware of the possibilities for your path

Price: 2,780 USD

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7 days: The Purpose-Lead Life – A Mini Life Sabbatical

Take a break from the everyday rush of life and experience the beginning of the Inner Journey

Price: 4,865 USD

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14 days: Purpose and Process

Explore how a sense of purpose and process is linked to your mental wellness. This experience is designed for those who need to step away from their busy lives, and examine a challenge or life change

Price: 9,730 USD

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21 days: Total Life Review Retreat

For major turning points in life, this is a full immersive Mental Wellness reboot where you focus on the three main aspects that combine your mental wellness and being: the physical somatic experience, mental resilience and your place in the world and life direction.

Price: 14,595 USD

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4 days: Healthy rhythm awareness

Learn how to be guided by the knowledge and awareness of your Circadian Rhythms.
You will understand how your biological rhythms can play a key role in your health. Expect to feel better and notice what is happening in your body.

Price: 2,780 USD

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7 days: Resetting your 7-day clock

Find balance in your life routine, respecting your natural cycles and learning how to integrate them in your
daily activities. Expect to understand how rhythm and timing is so important. Start sleeping better and notice how this rhythm is working in your overall sense of well-being and quality of life.

Price: 4,865 USD

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14 days: Re-training your clock for optimal health

Establish habits that re-educate your body and your mind through the frequent use of tools
and techniques to balance your rhythms. Observe how much better your body begins to feel and notice how much better your digestion works, how your mind is more at rest and how your spirit is lifted.

Price: 9,730 USD

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21 days: The joy of a life with rhythm

Connect with the joy of living in tune with your natural rhythms and your human nature as part of
a whole. Consolidate the habits you have gained and apply in your daily life the wisdom learned
in your retreat. Expect to notice how much better you feel, and perhaps a marked improvement in your sleep hygiene, digestion, perhaps weight loss, brain fog and stress relief, and a sense of real peace and balance – mental clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.

Price: 14,595 USD

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Prices are per person. Any additional services, treatments, room upgrade or any request that is not include in the list will be paid separately.