Programming created by Lisa Fasullo, Founder and Director of The Center for Transformative Movement

Re-introducing Feeling Good as important to essential to wellbeing.Connecting people with themself.

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Associating Movement and Dance as a whole-body, fun, easy health choice that can be done anywhere, anytime, alone or with others!

To help re-connect people with themselves, others and the world around them thorugh providing opportunities for them to feel good through dance.
One person, one dance floor, one community at a time.

Freeform / Ecstatic Dance

Freeform/Ecstatic Dance, what Lisa Fasullo calls Movement Meditation, is part of a growing and larger wellness trend with evidence based proof of its benefits of Somatic Movement known to reduce stress and promote wellbeing, similar to Mindfulness Practices, Martial Arts & Yoga.
Dancing this way on a regular basis expands an individual’s understanding for self-care through a simple, effective and fun method that promotes physical, mental, emotional wellbeing – while fostering a sense of connection to something higher than the self.

“If you are falling....dive.” Joseph Campbell